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The Twin Boro Soccer | INFO
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T.B.S.C Policies:

Team Assignment and Play-Up Policy

All travel team players ( U8 and up) are assigned to teams by the TBSC Board. In order to complete rosters, or to promote players with exceptional skills, some players may be placed in a higher age bracket or dual-rostered on two teams.

Players assigned to a higher age bracket play in the bracket at the sole discretion of the TBSC Board. The Board will let each player know with which team the player is to practice and play.

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 Uniform Policy:

All uniforms will be given to coaches before the season.

All players are required to purchase the following if they do not already have them:

  • Black soccer socks

  • Black soccer shorts

  • Soccer cleats ( baseball cleats are unacceptable to play with)

  • Shin guards

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